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For Corporate Catering Services food with integrity is a journey that started many years ago and one that will never end. It involves constantly challenging established practices and doing things in a way that is ethical and sustainable but also in keeping with food and cultural trends.
We specialise in bringing the goodness of expertly prepared seasonal produce to your restaurant by using fresh in-season produce, supporting local farmers and minimising our carbon footprint. Fresh from “Pasture to Plate” means better for your health and the environment as well as more flavourful and nutritious.

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Food Producers are key to our success. Their dedication to producing the best creates a platform for our chefs to produce nutritious, delicious meals every day. We source the freshest ingredients from the best local suppliers using seasonal Irish produce wherever and whenever possible. This translates into great food with great taste, great nutrition and great value as well as a respect for farmers who value the land and the animals in their care. This working together means that they in turn understand our standards and work hard to meet them.

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The Art of Healthy Eating One Bite at a Time

‘Nutrition Matters’ was developed to encourage our customers to choose healthier menu options in order to achieve the right balance of good wholesome foods. Our ‘Nutrition Matters’ campaign makes employee wellness easy and fun! We will provide your staff with information to encourage healthy eating such as ‘Simple Swaps’ ‘The Best Superfoods’, ‘Tips towards a Healthier You’ and ‘Operation Transformation’ Nutrition Matters guidelines are incorporated into our daily menus and ongoing customer information programmes keeps healthy eating to the fore and exciting for the customer.


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Creating a culture of wellness and supporting initiatives that help people choose a healthier lifestyle.

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