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Mary Healy, Managing Director & Founder of CCSL

Great Food



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When we set up Corporate Catering Services in 1991 our idea was to work closely with our clients to create outstanding partnerships based on trust, great Irish food and superb service. Many of our clients have been with us since the early days of the business, testament to our dedication to them and to their changing needs.

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Quality Accreditations

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ISO 9001:2008 ISO is an internationally recognised quality standard.  Corporate Catering Services hold the 9001:2008 ISO standard.  We undergo external audits twice annually and we also conduct our own internal quality audits. Hygiene Mark Corporate Catering Services Ltd are National Award winners. This is an award given to companies who achieve the Hygiene and Food Safety programme technical standards set by EIQA.  The standards set reflects Irish and international best practices which exceed the legal requirements for food companies.  Achieving this award involves implementing the standard and undergoing independent auditing. OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series. We achieved this Health and Safety accreditation so as to provide the most robust occupational health and safety standard to our clients

Happy Heart Over the past number of years, Corporate Catering Services has been dedicated to ensuring we are offering our customers fresh and healthy food options.  To ensure that our food meets these criteria, we have been involved in the Happy Heart campaign organised by the Irish Heart Foundation.  Achieving this award involves menu planning and supplier management along with independent audits. ISO Environmental Accreditation 14001 We achieved this environmental accreditation to reduce our carbon footprint and to manage our waste more effectively.

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"The offering has been recognised as best practice in the railway industry, being commended by ‘Which’ magazine for their level of service"

"CCSL’s total commitment to fresh home-made meals has been so well received that our dining room is vibrant and full, and feedback from our staff and visitor’s has been very positive. The attention to detail can be seen on a daily basis in the delivery of service and variety of food. We are delighted!"

"I would have no hesitation in recommending them as a reputable catering partner."

"They have shown great support for us over the years and have demonstrated flexibility and adaptability when our business needed it"

"We are certainly delighted with Corporate Catering Services as our catering partners."

"Corporate Catering are alert to the cultural mix in the workforce and they regularly provide themed days to appeal to this diversity"

"We like working with Corporate Catering – they listen to us, are constantly seeking feedback and rectify issues quickly"

"CCSL also has a keen focus on cost savings, offering suggestions that have saved significant amounts of money in the last year, while offering very high food quality and operating at excellent hygiene levels, always putting the customer first"

"I would highly recommend CCSL as a catering provider"

"There’s a passion for getting things right and a genuine commitment to improving standards all of the time"

"CCSL’s team’s commitment shines through, resulting in satisfied customers who keep coming back for more."

"CCSL make it all about listening to the customers and giving them consistently high standards of trendy yet wholesome food, with an emphasis on healthy eating"

"The Corporate Catering management team are proactive and dedicated in our joint aim of providing high quality services, and are fully equipped with the skills and experience to continue delighting our customers"

"From our perspective, it was a great move to appoint Corporate Catering Services"

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Corporate Catering Services is committed to being a model of sustainability, sourcing great local produce and supporting great Irish suppliers

Food and packaging constitute a significant source of waste and environmental impact for our industry, our business and those of our clients. A priority for us is to identify and constantly review those elements of our business that impact on the environment. Our daily routines and targets are aligned with best practice (ISO 14001:2004) and supported by a dedicated specialist so that we are constantly delivering improved outcomes for our clients.

Taking responsibility


 for the environmental impact


 of our business activities is second nature

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Buying locally saves travel miles, sustains local agriculture and means fresher, tastier and more nutritious food.


Fresh Local Produce


• Our chefs are trained to support sustainable values   by selecting food and ingredients based on the   qualities of flavour, freshness and nourishment.
• We create ties with local food suppliers with the aim   of reducing long-distance transport and achieving a   crisper, fresher product.
• Organic and Fairtrade products from renewable   sources are used wherever possible.
• By sourcing locally we reduce travel miles and support   Irish products and suppliers who deliver great tasting   healthy food.

Results of initiatives in waste management, carbon reduction and sustainability.


Reduce Reuse Recycle


• Increase in recycling from 42% to 72%
• Reduction in residual waste by 58%
• 150,000 litres of cooking oil recycled every year
• Blanket ban on disposable cups equates to   approximately 1.3 metric tons of annual waste saving
• Biodegradable and recyclable alternatives used for   packaging and convenience offers
• Leak detection routines have resulted in significant   reductions in water waste
• Return of all cardboard outer packaging to suppliers at   time of delivery resulted in approximately 1 metric ton   of annual waste saving

Practical and active collaboration with our clients ensures that our commercial strategies go hand in hand with environmental best practice.


Engage Cooperate Integrate


• We offer expertise and practical support to our clients   in assessing risks and devising strategies that ensure   compliance with the highest food safety and   environmental standards.
• We frequently review how we’re living up to our   environmental responsibilities and actively engage   with our clients, customers, employees and suppliers   in our efforts to continuously ensure that   sustainability practices are embedded in our operating   routines.
We have set high standards for ourselves in terms of sustainability practices with immeasurable benefits to our clients, our suppliers and our business.

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